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How Are Wicker Baskets Made?

Seagrass and water hyacinth are both natural materials that can be used to make wicker baskets. To make a wicker basket using these materials, the first step is to gather the seagrass or water hyacinth and prepare it for weaving. This typically involves soaking the material in water to make it more pliable and then stripping the leaves or stems from the stalks.

Next, the stalks are cut into thin strips, which are then woven together using a variety of techniques to create the desired shape and size of the basket. The strips may be woven in a tight, uniform pattern for a more structured basket, or in a looser, more freeform pattern for a more casual look.

As the basket takes shape, the weaver may use a frame or mold to help give it its final shape and ensure that it is sturdy and stable. Once the basket is complete, it can be left natural or stained or painted to add color. Seagrass and water hyacinth baskets are often used for storage, as planters, or for carrying items.

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